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Did you know home births with a midwife have a 93.6% vaginal birth rate, 5.2% cesarean rate, and less than 5% use of pitocin and epidural?

Hello, and welcome to Beautifully Born. I am Sharon McDougal, a Registered Midwife (RM) with the state of Colorado and a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) through NARM. I serve Pueblo, Colorado, and the surrounding areas within a two-hour radius.

Sharon has over two decades of attending births, and has been serving  Pueblo and the surrounding areas since 2010. Beautifully Born offers one-on-one services where you can stay in touch through texts, phone, or email for personalized care.

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My Mission

I strive to offer autonomy throughout the childbearing year and to provide a peaceful, positive, and empowering birth experience while maintaining the safety that midwives and home birth provide.


~ Lindsay

Sharon McDougal attended the home birth of our 3rd and last baby. We were so blessed to have this wonderful lady at such a precious time in our lives. She was very professional, loving, and kind. She always made me feel like a person and not just a patient. Our home birth could not have been better. Sharon could not have taken better care of me and my son. She was very wise and cautious, and I felt at all times during labor that we made the best decision in choosing her to be our midwife.

We decided to work with Sharon for our pregnancy and birth for a number of personal reasons. We wanted the individualized care that can be difficult to come by in a hospital setting. We also wanted to be involved and well informed in the decision making processes involved in the outcome of our birth and aftercare. Having experienced an emergency cesarean for the birth of our first child, we needed the confidence and trust of a compassionate and professional midwife. Sharon's prenatal care was tailored to our desires while always maintaining our health and safety. Due to some concerns that arose late in the pregnancy, our care was transferred to a physician, however, Sharon stayed by our side. She was supportive, and came with us to each hospital visit to ensure that our needs were well represented. Sharon was present at the birth in the hospital, and very helpful in making sure that we were not pressured into another cesarean, which is very common. After a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), we welcomed our beautiful and healthy son into the world. There is no doubt in our minds that without Sharon's accompaniment and encouragement, we would have been coerced into unnecessary surgery. Aftercare has been every bit as personalized and considerate as prenatal care. We are so grateful to have found Beautifully Born, and to have experienced Sharon's services. Thank you deeply Sharon!

Beautifully Born
~ D.A.

I don't think I could have made it through labor without you, Sharon. Although I had to have a hospital birth, you were there every step of the way, making sure my birth went as close to my birth plan as possible. And staying with my baby to make sure she was taken care of according to my birth plan. So thank you so much.

Beautifully Born
~ H.H.

Sharon was amazing for my home birth. It was our first baby, so of course my husband and I were a bit nervous in general. But I knew I wanted to do things my own way. All through the months of prenatal visits Sharon was always so patient and knowledgeable (I ask a lot of questions). She always encouraged us to do our own research and make our own decisions. I was never made to feel bad for choosing or not choosing this or that. When the time came for me to deliver, things progressed faster than I expected. Sharon had already attended two other births the day before mine and must have been exhausted. But you wouldn't have known it. She was so calm and got everyone organized. She was great about supporting my husband in his support of me and encouraged me when I got frustrated. Before I knew it I had my incredible baby girl in my arms. Immediately after delivery she made sure everyone was healthy and comfortable. The postpartum care was like the prenatal. I still had lots of questions and she was always available. My pregnancy and labor/delivery were exactly what I hoped for when I decided on a homebirth. Sharon was a big part of that. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of homebirth.

Beautifully Born
~ J.O.

I highly recommend Sharon McDougal. She worked with me through both of my pregnancies and delivered both of my beautiful boys. She is very knowledgeable, patient and capable. Giving birth to my boys in the comfort of my own home with this sweet midwife was more than I could of hoped my birthing experience would be. Thank you Sharon!

Beautifully Born
~ Stephanie

I highly recommend Sharon! She is an amazing person and helped deliver my first son. I came to Sharon after I had a few bad experiences at a doctor's office. I was looking for a different approach to pregnancy, labor, birth, and post-partum - and boy did I find it!! She treated my family and myself as if we were real people and not just another number. She became more than a midwife to us, she became our friend and I felt so comfortable with her. She made us feel like the process was so natural, pregnancy isn’t a disease, and that the body will know what to do when the time comes. I am very happy with the service she provided, she was there with us every step of the way. It was nice to have the ability to call/ text her whenever I had concerns, she was completely on call! I can't wait to have another baby. Sharon will be second person I tell (after the hubby of course) when I'm pregnant again. I will request for her to be by my side through all of my pregnancies. I couldn't be more pleased with her. Thanks Sharon, for all that you've done for our family!

~ Katelyn

Big babies do come out, and they can come out safely at home! With our wonderful midwife, Sharon, it is and was possible!

~ Kristy

My midwife Sharon was excellent! We had a wonderful home birth and our baby boy came in a record 2 hours!! By the time I called her labor was full on and I thought I had hours left (she is 2 hours away). Sharon sped to arrive 5 minutes before he came out! If you are looking for a midwife in Southern Colorado, Sharon is a great option.

Beautifully Born
~ Taylor

After 3 hospital births, my husband and I decided to try a midwife. The day of the birth was so different. It was nice to walk around and eat and drink instead of being strapped to a bed with so many restrictions. The pain was without a doubt more intense than before because of the lack of drugs, but it was well worth the sacrifice to be in a comfortable environment. Sharon and her assistants were on top of their game as things progressed, another difference from the hospital - they were there waiting with me and my family. Thank you ladies for a wonderful birth experience bringing Miss Ruth into the world!!!

~ Janelle

We had pre-term labor and had to go to Labor & Delivery in Colorado Springs. Instead of just leaving us and making us go alone, Sharon came with us and stayed with us the whole time! We ended up getting the contractions stopped and I was on bed rest for 10 days. In that time, Sharon came and saw us to check in on mama and baby... and always included the older siblings! Thank you Sharon for helping us though everything and I can't wait to use your services again!

~ Chelsea

We tried to find a doctor that would allow us to try for a VBAC. After searching high and low, we only found one doctor who would agree to do it. However, their hesitation and lack of confidence in us lead us to pursue other means. We successfully had a VBAC with Sharon as our midwife. Going into labor with our midwife and support team believing in us, and that my body was capable of natural birth gave us the confidence we needed. The comfort of being in our own home was just an added bonus for us! We will be contacting Sharon in the future if needed.

Beautifully Born
~ Kaycee

I met Sharon over the phone before my family and I moved to Colorado. I was almost halfway through my pregnancy and had no idea where to start looking. I decided to meet with her first and go from there. We met her and I immediately new I wanted to have her as my midwife for the remainder of my pregnancy. I had a scare with baby right toward the end and she was there every step of the way (and for most of my labor) to make sure baby was in the best health for a home delivery. I highly recommend Sharon for anyone considering a homebirth and appreciate the wonderful care given to me!

Beautifully Born
~ Charlene

I am a registered nurse. I trust medicine, medical professionals, and the hospital. I truly believe that institutionalized healthcare can be essential for healing in times of illness, disease, and injury. I also truly believe that a normal, low-risk pregnancy does not fall into the categories of illness, disease or injury.

My pregnancy journey started as I believe most in this country do. I took a test, found an OBGYN, and began routine prenatal care. It never entered my mind that I might consider anything other than a hospital birth with an epidural. I knew that there were increased health risks for me and my baby with C-section, and had vowed to use that as a last resort, but had little to no idea of the risks involved with induction, epidural, vacuum extraction, forceps, and other common medical interventions, even with my medical background.
Fast forward to about 6 months pregnant: Wow! This is real. I’m not going to stay pregnant forever, and this baby is going to have to come out!
It sounds silly, but one day, it struck like lightning: there was another component to this pregnancy, and I had barely thought about it at all! So I started to think, first about what I wanted from a birth experience, then about how birth actually works. I knew I wanted to be surrounded by the people I love, and to have a healthy baby. I learned that in birth, as in all things, gravity matters. I didn’t want to labor, stuck on my back like a turtle, unable to walk or change position.

“Once the epidural’s in, I’m stuck,” I learned.
Guess that epidural’s out, and good riddance too! I don’t judge anyone who wants pain relief, but am glad that I learned of the possibility of stalled labor due to epidural. This often leads to interventions like IV administration of synthetic hormones to strengthen contractions. Stronger, unnatural contractions are extra painful, leading to increased pain medication. This can slow or stall labor. More hormones. Talk about a vicious cycle! Sadly, this cycle often ends in C-section, which was made necessary by unnecessary interventions. Count me out. I learned that atmosphere, mental preparedness, and the presence of loved ones mattered too.

What would happen, I wondered if I labored naturally. If I moved as my body told me I needed to? If I sought comfort in my husband’s arms instead of an IV? If I let my body take the reins and dictate the pace of my labor? If I trusted my instincts despite societal pressure and fear? I don’t know yet how this will end, but I can tell you that my fear, while still present, is so much less. I don’t fear birth anymore, because I finally realized that it’s not a death sentence, or an illness, or something unnatural. It’s what my body was made to do!

Enter, homebirth. I quickly decided to hire Sharon McDougal as my midwife. She was already working with my best friend (also an RN), and I was very impressed. I believed her when she told me she was not afraid to tell a laboring mother that she may need to transfer to the hospital, or to step in with medical intervention when necessary. As a nurse, I could appreciate that. I know things may go wrong, and I want someone who will act in the best interest of my health and the health of my child. I was relieved that my baby would be born into my arms, onto my chest, and allowed to enter this world with me, not a team of strangers.

My labor experience has yet to come, but I was there for the birth of my best friend’s son. It was beautiful. The love, strength, calm, and solidarity that the women involved displayed was immense. Nobody was more amazing than the laboring mother. Did she hurt? Yes. Did she cry? Oh, yes. Did she find strength within herself that she never before imagined? I’m sure of it. She moved, sipped water, asked for support, breathed calmly, and relied on people that loved her and believed she was capable. She delivered her baby, happy, healthy, and whole. I know that I can, too.

Sharon once told me, and I agree completely, that “I would never try to convince someone to do a homebirth.” It takes a certain type of woman. You need to trust your body, your midwife, and your baby to do what is best. You have to let go of fear and realize that giving birth is not a medical emergency. You have to become the leader of your care; you can no longer be a passive vessel. If you ever question the current practices of giving birth, or wonder if there are other options, I urge you to research, explore, and consider planned homebirth. It’s not crazy. It’s not impossible. It might be just what you’re looking for. Personally, I can’t wait!